The Go Brave Experience: Our Solution to the World's Problem

Recently, I asked my husband, “what problem do I solve?”  I asked to get his perspective and observations in my growth personally and professionally.  For him, I’m the ultimate assistant, I can do all the things he can’t or won’t.  Go figure.  He also mentioned that I’m a strategist.  I always seem to have a plan or process to get someone from A to Z.  Though I agreed, he didn’t answer the question quite like I expected.  He gave me solutions to the problem and not the problem itself.  Then it got me thinking, “how is it that we can go through life with all the ‘solutions’ yet without a clue of the problem?”

As I thought about Go Brave and its values (growth, optimism, boldness, resilience, authenticity, virtue and empowerment), I couldn’t help but ask myself, “how has my life experience demonstrated the problem Go Brave solves?”  The best way I can answer this question is by sharing my story.

For years, I wandered, similar to what the Israelites experienced in the wilderness.  I experienced minor breakthroughs here and there but not enough to steady me.  I was in a toxic relationship surrounded by labels of who I was yet was not purposed to be.  I felt STUCK.  And one night while in prayer I found myself weeping and crying out to God for forgiveness of the time I wasted in disobedience.  

Life held a sour taste in my mouth.  More often than not the thought of taking my life crossed my mind.  I had the means and access, yet the thought of my family was the only thing that subsided the tormenting screams in my head.  Believe it or not, I had no complaints.  I was married, owned a home, had a well paying job and needed for nothing.  Yet, the PESSIMISM of an unfulfilled life taunted me daily.   

What was worse, the FEAR of the future drove my decision making.  Fear halted my ability to experience joy amidst my circumstances.  I was so worried about being alone that I fought for something that was already dead. 

RELIGION said, “God hates divorce,” as referenced in Malachi 2:16.  But what I didn’t know is that I was left, deserted because of his disbelief, 1 Corinthians 7:10-16.  He didn’t love me as Christ loves the church, Ephesians 5:25.  Yet, the shame and condemnation rooted in a “churched” mentality was ruthless and unforgiving.  The judgment I once cast on others as a result of my religious self-righteousness was now staring me in the face.

I later realized, I didn’t know who I was so I became who I thought I should be.  I was DECEIVED by fear, loneliness and poor self-esteem.  I felt unlovable and unworthy to experience God’s best for me.  Nothing I did seemed to go as planned.  I went from a white picket fence to iron bars.  For a season, not even my degrees could open doors to start over.  

And this is when my mind started playing tricks on me.  My codependent tendencies held me BOUND.  My inability to set boundaries and manage my emotions displayed in my behavior.  With a smile, I begrudgingly conceded.  

That is until God whispered to me in prayer, “GO BRAVE.”  Since then, I’ve determined to strengthen myself in prayer and reading God’s word.  Daily, I dialogue with my Heavenly Father.  I study His word with the help of commentaries and study guides.  I regularly speak to my Christian Counselor and women of faith to filter my perspective through godly counsel.  I’m working at making fasting a weekly endeavor.  

I give this synopsis of my life today as a reminder that I’m a work in progress yet I’m still enough.  I’m in the process of mastering what it means to get unstuck by seeking to improve rather than prove.  Pessimism has no place to latch itself when I’m constantly in expectation of the miracles of God in my life.  When I’ve given the outcome to God, fear can’t take root.  As a possessor of the kingdom of God, I can access the flow of heaven without reservation.  The deception that held my identity is dismantled by the authority I have through Christ.  I know now that my voice is a deliverance mechanism.  And daily I strive to Go Brave with the aforementioned as my garment, Ephesians 6:11-18.    

So the problem that I was looking for was in my past, the very things that played Russian roulette with my life.  Yet, those same things opened my eyes to a solution, God’s handiwork in my life.  He allowed me to experience the Go Brave values, one life lesson at a time.  It has changed my life for the better and I pray it does the same for you.  Let's set up a clarity coaching call TODAY or you can join us at our upcoming Kingdom Women in Business: Prophetic Planning Workshop.          

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  • Out of the mouth of a young woman, come words of encouragement to help an older soul! Thank you for your open and frankness, in speaking words of truth! You have uplifted my spirit and given me a new direction and focus thought. I needed your words of self examination, in looking into my own mirror! You are a blessing my love! May God continue anointing you with His Power!

    Nadine Gills-Ward

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