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We empower Christian women to G.O. B.R.A.V.E. in their faith, family, finances, and business.  Further, we equip women with the skills to build their self-advocacy muscles to rediscover and use their voice to tell their story.  

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We educate and equip organizations with biblically-based leadership skills to foster a culture of belonging.  Our support extends to creating marketing copy and graphics representative of the communities served by these entities. 

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We offer practical, momentum producing and engaging presentations on a variety of topics–emotional intelligence, growth mindset, belonging and inclusivity, self advocacy, christian leadership and business and boundary formation– to meet the needs of the organization. 

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Jelisa's course "literally couldn’t come at a better time in my life as I step out on faith once again... God has not failed me yet!

D. Howard

Scheduling "God time" was a tangible strategy that I look forward to planning.

M. Perkins

I really like speaking with her [Jelisa] because she takes the time to listen to my concerns. Her purposeful guidance is motivating.

S. Sapp