The WD40 Equivalent to Getting Unstuck

Recently, I used the google machine to look up the meaning of the number eight.  Considering it's the eighth month of the year, last month in the third quarter and my birth month, I wanted to set my expectations early on what I wanted this month to look like.  Unsurprisingly, there were dozens of interpretations yet all with the common theme of “new beginnings.”

If you’re anything like me, new beginnings bring a fresh start to establishing balance and harmony.  However, with full transparency, I’ve felt a bit stuck yet with a seesaw momentum; moving up and down managing the highs and lows of each day.  Let alone, the squeaks of rusted goals unfulfilled and poor habits unchanged.  My desire, like most, is for forward movement not the victimization of the laws of gravity.

But with my high expectations on the horizon and a new month underway, I’ve challenged myself to apply some WD40 to this seesaw called life and remove the grime on my goals and weatherproof my newly improved habits.  And this is how… 

WD40, it is a faithful remedy that’s been around for over 65 years.  It's a natural problem solver and has handled some of the toughest issues from removing pythons from buses and burglars trapped in air conditioning vents.  I bet you didn’t know it also comes in handy when writing blog on how to get unstuck.

Now to the real issue at hand, like WD40 I pondered over some tried-and-true strategies that we all know, however, forget when a lack of motivation stalls us like an overheated car.  Below is my version of WD40 to bravely tackle this “new beginning” and activate my inner coach while silencing my inner critic:

  • Readjust our MINDSET to pursue growth.
    • Seek opportunities to improve and not prove.
  • Practice GRATITUDE over grumbling.
    • Identify what’s good in our life. 
  • Clarify our core VALUES and commit to living by them.
    • Secure moral principles for living.
  • Consider adversity as opportunity.
    • HUMILITY reinforces our humanity.
  • Establish a POSITIVE(ity) self image.
    • Treat others how we want to be treated.
  • Find PEACE with self and others.
    • Forgive ourselves to love deeply.
  • Exercise SELF-CONTROL; our greatest superpower.
    • Be the example and the change.

I’ve discovered when I create a mindset for growth, I’m optimistic about my life.  When I’m more optimistic, then I tend to show-up boldly.  As I show-up, I’m better equipped to practice resilience.  In my resiliency, I can be true in my stance as an overcomer.  In sum, I become the example to empower others to tackle their stalled moments with confidence.

In practice, this looks like self-care sessions on Sundays.  As I review my schedule for the week ahead, I journal how I plan to apply these WD40 infused strategies.  For example, a readjusted mindset may look like writing an affirmation next to a meeting scheduled on my calendar.  Sometimes my nerves cause me to jumble my words in meetings, so I’ll write, “I am more than capable of expressing my thoughts clearly and concisely.”  This serves as a reminder of how I plan to show-up during my meeting. 

I hope you give this a try on Sunday, the evening before or the morning of.  Set the tone of your day, week, and month by considering some old hacks to loosen those hinges and open the door to a fresh start.  Happy August! 

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