Three Steps to Becoming Your Best Self in Business

In December of 2021, I went on a “getaway with God.”  I took some time to pray, fast, study scripture and plan for the first quarter of 2022.  I was determined to start before the new year in becoming the best version of myself.  In summation of my time away, the Lord called me to release, ready and reflect for 2022. 

Since then, what has stood out to me the most is what looks to be a trending topic of self love, self care and best self.  Though I believe this is a trend toward the betterment of ourselves, I do see a selfish side to it.  My intention here is to highlight the opposite or what I like to call self-fullness– embodying the need for personal freedom before or in tandem with serving others.  It's similar to the flight attendant’s demonstration of putting our masks on first before assisting others.

I’m proud to be surrounded by women who are choosing themselves in this season, again, not selfishly but self-fully.  Of course this looks different for everyone.  For example, I made a point to master my morning routine.  It includes meditative stretching and quiet time, prayer, scripture reading, journaling, tracking my budget and setting my intentions for the day.  Most of it I do daily but some things like journaling and budgeting are every other day or two.  For some others, it looks like taking a walk around the neighborhood, taking a moment in the car before coming in the house after work or spending a little extra time making the perfect coffee.  Self-fullness can come in many forms.

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while you know I have ulterior motives for a blog such as this.  Now, I’m on a journey to determine my best self in business.  Since becoming an entrepreneur, I’ve spent most of my time researching, creating, and assessing.  As a result, I’ve come to realize that in order to experience fulfillment in our businesses, after all the sweat and tears, we must actualize our “why”.  Let me explain the essentials to this reality.

Determine Your “Why”

Our “why” drives our intentions.  It is the root and/or the cornerstone for which we refer to when things get hard.  Our “why” stabilizes us when things seem to get out of control or when we start to question our journey.  Yet, to see our “why” actualized time and time again is like an internal parade of celebration.  My “why” is to empower Christian women to Go Brave in their faith, family, finances and business.  My “why” started with my own journey to be my best self-advocate.  What’s your “why”?

Create an Achievement Plan

We tend to make plans for ourselves and families, however, making a plan for our businesses tends to take a back seat.  Yes, it's daunting to consider crafting our executive summary, explaining the basic elements of our business, clarifying our products and services, developing our marketing plan, formulating systems and outlining our financial strategy.  *Deep exhale.*  Yet, it's essential to measuring our goals, connecting with the appropriate resources and making adjustments after evaluation.     

Accept Yourself as the Evidence

Believe it or not, we are proof of our business success.  Now, it's not to say we can’t make mistakes or experience redirection (another word I use instead of failure).  But rather, we are the demonstration of what we offer.  The quality of what we produce speaks volumes.  Our life affirms the results our clients or customers will achieve once they engage with our offer.  

Ultimately, actualizing our “why” requires us to be aware of our intentions, devise a plan to achieve it and eventually become the result.  I’m actualizing my why when I advocate both for myself and others.  I do this in my relationships, with my coaching clients and most recently with other kingdom women in business.  I give voice to women unable to Go Brave.  If you’re one of those women, I encourage you to share your story with me and schedule a coaching call.  For those who have embarked on their Go Brave journey, I celebrate you as you fulfill your best self in life and business.  

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