Walk the Word Challenge

We’ve just passed the halfway mark of 365 days on July 3rd 2021; the second half in the third quarter of the year.  What goals or new year's resolutions have you fulfilled thus far?

One goal that I’m extremely proud of is the completion of my first of many self published books, “Go Brave with a Proverb a Day.”  This accomplishment has shown me that partnering with God is essential to reaching my greatest potential in Him.  I am simply amazed at how the Holy Spirit has coached and instructed me in navigating life with wisdom, faith and obedience.  

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I will admit however, that I still have some work to do in reaching goals connected to my overall wellness; faith, finances and fitness.  

As you know, I’m a champion of self exposure; some would call it transparency and others vulnerability.  So here it goes, the challenge that has me stumped is an inability to stay consistent.  Granted, I have my moments of great success like any overachiever who writes endless to do lists and mind maps of ideas in dozens of notebooks.  Yet, in the off moments consistency is squeezed out by excuses and feelings.  

The comfort in this dilemma is that I’m not alone.  Thankfully, consistency is not perfection and when coupled with accountability it can turn into discipline.  

And this is where the challenge begins…

Oftentimes, when we work toward goals or habits we tend to tackle them all at once.  For example, reading the bible daily, exercising for 30 minutes multiple times a week and managing a monthly budget; started all on the same day.  Though these goals are ideal in pursuit, we stretch ourselves thin to achieve them all at once; leading to overwhelm and frustration.  




You’re probably saying, “well get on with it, what’s the solution?”  PERSPECTIVE.  Why is it that we have to separate daily devotion and physical health?  Who said we couldn’t listen to the word, pray in the spirit and walk/run/bike the neighborhood/indoors 15 minutes or more a day?    

Consistency can be simplified if we limit our overthinking and operate in excellence; doing the best we can with what we have.  I’m ready to take the challenge, are you?

I’ll be with you, along with other women also seeking to walk the word, consistently.  Join us on Instagram @gobravellc and Jelisa Dallas on Facebook.  Starting August 1st, I’ll read the Proverb of the day, highlight some areas for reflection and pray God’s word over your life while you execute a physical activity of your choice.   We’ll conclude on August 11th, my Birthday, with a live book signing.  Tag us in your posts as you share your progress with friends.     

Join the challenge by signing up, HERE.  Starting Day 1, you’ll visit the link below for your listening pleasure.  At the end of the challenge, my hope is that we both gain momentum and traction on our spiritual and physical goals.  This is just the beginning of habit reformation, continue the challenge for 10 more days by reading a Proverb a day and you’ll be well on your way to discipline.  

I look forward to partnering with you as we walk the word together. 


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