How to Prepare, Participate & Profit at Vendor Events

How to Prepare, Participate & Profit at Vendor Events

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Summer is for vacations, amusement parks and MARKETS!

Since establishing my LLC in November of 2020, I have participated or facilitated over two dozen business vendor events.  You may be familiar with the Kingdom Women in Business, Black Business Market, Christian Business Partners Vendor Expo and Women in Business (WIB), WIB Author Showcase and Girard Street Festival.

Every time I’ve participated or facilitated a vendor event, I’ve learned something new; the good, the bad, and the indifferent.  Had I known what I knew now, my preparation, participation and profits would have been on a whole different level.

But now that I know, I want to share it with you!  I’ve curated a checklist for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to maximize their time, money and efforts in the vendor space…. FOR FREE!  You heard me, FOR FREE!

Summer is around the corner.  Let’s take full advantage of these indoor and outdoor markets and events.

The checklist includes 21 items to increase your profit potential.  

But wait there’s more…for those who want an in-depth outline on the before, during and after the vendor event, get your copy of How to Prepare, Participate and Profit (P3) at Vendor Events.

Included are tips and strategies on making the most out of your vending experience: 

  • Vending for Service Based Business
  • Vending for Product Based Businesses
  • Vending at Conferences, Retreats and Workshops
  • Questions for the Event Host

Bonus Content:

  • Vending for Authors
  • Creating Your Value Proposition/Benefit Statement
  • Inventory Chart

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Ohio Project 311 whose mission is to provide creative solutions to address poverty, food insecurity, and public health issues in the Mahoning County.  Visit to learn more.  Let’s help them feed life into the community.  

*Due to the nature of this product as a digital resource, there are NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES.